Lawn & Garden

    Tooth Push-Pull Escova

    60 pcs Teeth Push-Pull Interdental Brush Fio Dental Palito Interdental Brushes 0.7mm Gum Magro Macio Limpeza Oral Ferramenta de cuidados

    Rechargeable Electric Neck Massager

    Rechargeable Electric Neck Massager Pulse Back Infrared Heating Neck Massager Pain Relief Health Care Physiotherapy Instrument

    Energy bracelets

    High Quality Black sibin bian stone bianchi jade needle stone Energy bracelets/Hand row for men/women gift health jewelry

    Breast Pumps Chest Massage

    Negative pressure breast cup size, small size is suitable for use under A cup, large size is suitable for B, C cup use. Do not suck too tightly when using, see personal tolerance, too tight will absorb red skin and damage the skin. Adsorption can be adjusted according to the exhaust valve. Large size: 10cm in inner diameter and 10cm in height. Small: 6cm in inner diameter and 6cm in height.

    Electric Tao Ear Cleaner

    Because of the eardrum is weak, this product design for safety design of the wind just can suck up the small ear wax, so feel when use suction is small, but often use this effect will show up in product period, therefore As the saying goes: alert lady - clever don't see sharp ears, eyes bright unknown see eyes bright not bright, so the ear health matters.If there is excessive ear wax and shampoo, bath and other reasons of residual moisture is not clear in time, it is easy to cause some ear disease. However, the traditional method for depth of the amount of ears, especially for the elderly, young children and infants tao ear, it is easy to damage the ear, more the lack of a good way to clean water. Now electric ear absorption apparatus (some called electric apparatus of the amount of ears, ears, ear cleaner, clean the ear), will solve these troubles for you.Pay the cost of a division of the amount of ears, can have only a few years contentment earmuffs baby sucking built-in pony ear device and fan, there will be a sound, but will not affect the use of sophisticated chic modelling, generous.
    Pet Supplies

      Bird Bathtub

      • Non-toxic,durable,easy to install.
      • The bird bathtub with hook,you can hang it on any cage
      • The bird bathtub with a mirror,can satisfy the birds' habitual needs of looking into the mirror.

      Bird Transport Cage

      • Easy to carry pets for bird trips
      • Stylish and easy to carry
      • Large space, suitable for parrot bird
      • Breathable space to make bird parrots more comfortable

      Bird Warm Nest

      • Soft plush creates a warm, secure nest in any cage.
      • This nest can be folded for easy storage. It's also easy to carry when you travel.
      • The top of this hanging cave with 2 hooks, which is convenient to hang on the birdcage. 
      • Convenient to wash and use,great sleeping and rest place for pets.

      Bamboo Bird House

      • Made of natural Bamboo, and a sturdy wire frame.
      • Use for outdoor and mounted on the cage as well.Built in hook so it's easy to attach to your cage
      • Chew and bite resistance,it provides a safe hideaway for birds.
      • Eco-friendly,durable,breathable,not easy to deform.

      Bird Bell Hanging Swing

      • An awesome tool for birds or parrots.
      • Can be hang on the top of cages!
      • Birds can spend their time with playing swing!
      • Durable with natural woods.
      • Colorful beads will add to your cages and birds will like it!
      • Two bells can make some sound to play with parrots!

      Cat Hair Remove Glove

      • Imitation is a means of your hand massage; includes 180 soft silicone heads for the groom to use
      • The hair sticks to the gloves. After taking care of the hair of dogs and cats, it is easy to clean and discard the hair.
      • Keep your house clean with brush gloves to minimize the loss of cats and dogs


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