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Reptile Feeder

  • 100% Brand New,
  • High Quality. Specially designed mealworm feeder
  • Natural look integrates in any type of terrarium
  • Made from food-grade resin Nonporous,
  • smooth surface; Does not absorb harmful bacteria No mess;
  • Keeps mealworms enclosed

Reptile Hanging Bed

  • Made of natural seaweedwhich is non-toxic and eco-friendly.;
  • Easily move it around until your pet has just the right position for them to enjoy.;
  • Provides a comfortable, elevated vantage spot for reptile.;
  • A variety of shape are available

Reptile Water Dish

  • Size:A 10.5*2.5cm ; B 8*6.5*2.8cm; C 10*7*1.5cm
  • Material: Food grade ABS Plastic
  • Color: As the Picture Shown
  • Shape:Round、Irregular、Triangle

Reptiles Terrariums

  • Transparent view for observing their daily routine
  • Two-way acrylic sliding door to facilitate feeding
  • Temperature and humidity display, easy to remove.
  • Provide a large and comfortable space for them to play or have a rest in the tank.
  • Durable acrylic and wood structure with hygrometer and breathable holes, you do not worry the pet can not breathe.
  • The four retro wraps angles are beautiful and practical, and the fixing buckles make it easy for you to stack the boxes, space saving.

Turtle Hide Cave


Turtle shells and limbs will have a large number of bacteria growing on it, in order to remove these bacteria like to bask in the sun, let the sun kill these bacteria. If you look closely, you can see that when they feel comfortable, they will stretch their limbs and head too high. When the temperature spreads all over the body until he feels hot, he will find a cool place to hide or run into the water. So they are not drying the shells, but the bacteria.