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3D Puzzle Maze Toy

  • This is a kind of children enlightenment toys.
  • To promote hand-eye coordination,
  • stimulate the sensory development.

Jigsaw Picture Toy

  • High-definition printing, delicate and clear images, high color saturation,no distortion, better texture
  • Cutting process special integrated film cutting machine, tight and precise cutting, double-blade cutting at one time
  • The exquisite packaging box can be used as a gift to others,and it can also be used as a collectible after the puzzle is completed.

Puzzle Cartoon Toy

  • Small animal puzzles,
  • colors are very bright.
  • This is a relatively simple puzzles,
  • puzzles teach your baby to fight, you can start from this puzzle,
  • you can also learn to recognize animals.

Puzzles Boards Toy

  • Various shapes such as triangle,star, animal, fruit and so on
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination and imaginative play
  • The board is thick enough and with big blocks that is safe for little one but up age 1+

Wooden Puzzles Toy

  • Develop children's intelligence,
  • cognition of geometric figure,
  • color discrimination ability,
  • flexibility of children's practical ability.
  • Toys that children and adults can assemble together.